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Beer And Alcohol(16)    ,    Dairy Products(18)    ,    Soft Drink(4)    ,    Fat and Oil(3)    ,    Snacks(4)    ,    Fresh Products(1)    ,    frozen aquatic products(4)    ,    Fruits(2)    ,    Beverages(3)    ,    egg Product(1)    ,    Meat and Poultry(3)    ,    Sugar and Sweetener(1)
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Ferrero Rocher
Skimmed Milk Powder
Icumsa Sugar 45
frozen chicken thighs
Bavaria Beer
Calsberg Beer
Nutrilon Milk Powder
Nestle NAN milk powder
guigoz milk powder
Jacobs Kronung Coffee
red wine
Kronenbourg 1664 Beer
Peak Milk Powder
Coca Cola
Rebull Energy Drink
Lays Potatoes Chips
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